About Us

Our Mission

We endeavor to ensure that we are coupling, strategic and effective productive marketing and advertising that informs and promotes decisiveness by and for our client to ensure housing is easily accessible by all property seekers. By provision of the best and highest service values- upholding honesty, dignity, Credibility and a strong discipline that is stringent in the observation of its own Ethics and Tennets of our self-dedication to the motto “Where Kenya Lives”

Our Vision

To be the best and most sort after organization in the East African region in the Real Estate industry/sector comprehensively. This we shall achieve by maintaining and sustaining the most professional discipline in work ethics as our scope shall demand.

Why Developers Point Kenya

The company works in real estate and conducts management, operation, development, marketing and maintenance services for all types of real estate, residential, commercial, administrative as well as real estate consultancy for all types of properties to maximize value and increase revenue for its clients as it is undertaking a number of other services

Our Services

We provide a full range of services to local and foreign investors, buyers, renters. We have successfully been able to provide investors with above average returns due to our keen insight. The Company relies upon its principals to identify new markets and undervalued assets. It also leverages its public and private sector relationships to enrich the communities in which it invests.

A team of experienced professionals is dedicated to enhancing the value of client investments throughout Kenya. DPK’s primary business lines are real estate asset management and brokerage, real estate closing and advisory services.

Areas of Expertise

Residential Real Estate: Whether you want to buy, let, rent or sell residential property our global network of specialists are on hand to provide expert knowledge of domestic property markets. Our agency services are backed up by teams of professional consultants who are able to advice on a full range of services including Valuations, Residential Development and Rural Services.

Developers Point Kenya will provide you with various options for commercial real estate. Be it office parks or Retail spaces. We come in to ensure the Sale/ Let of any of the above is successful

Sparsely populated area outside of the limits of a city or town or a designated commercial, industrial, or residential center. These can be characterized by farms, vegetation, and open spaces

Developers Point Kenya comes in to assist in planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific project development goals.

We come in handy to assist our clients to acquire land for developmental purposes, i.e., for building homes, constructing dams/roads, establishing manufacturing industries and for urban development.

Developers Point Kenya helps the Land Rich and the Cash Rich to connect and Vice-versa. We have a huge pool of both parties ensuring JVs come successful.

  1. Residential Property Management
  2. Commercial Property Management
  3. Commercial, Industrial and Vacant Land Sales
  4. Leasing and Property Management of Commercial, Industrial and Retail Properties
  5. Land Development
  6. Sub-divisional and Estate Management

Makaazi DPK employs a large team of well qualified staff in its Sales and Property Management Departments. We are committed to the on-going education of our skilled and experienced team and the ongoing improvement of our services while embracing new technology and a modern training network.

Developers Point Kenya is totally committed to its customers in all aspects of its business. We believe in giving the best customer service to our clients and providing value-added after- sales services.