Business Philosophy

The Five Excellencies that make our Business Philosophy are:

  1. Excellence in Real Estate Quality Service Provision and value.
  2. Excellence in providing healthy, safe and wholesome Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural lifestyles to our Customers.
  3. Excellence in Real Estate buy and rent Customer Experience.
  4. Excellence in Property Management.
  5. Excellence in ensuring High Real Estate Investment Returns for our Property Investors

In future, Developers Point Kenya, will continue to support the growth of Kenya with vibrant communities and destinations. We are also committed to raising the benchmark for environmental standards and providing our clientele with state of the art properties. We will continue to innovate and improve in our goal of delivering most reliable, high quality real estate services


  1. Regional expansion in the field of property management and marketing of all types of real estate.
  2. Develop the strong base of key customers to help building the capacity of the company.
  3. Increasing of investments and company assets to support the development of services and performance.
  4. Build credibility and reputation in the Real Estate arena